Ma Kyal Sin Grave: Myanmar Protest: Burmese Army Crosses All Brutality Limits, Shoot First Angel, Then Pull Corpse From Cement – Myanmar Security Forces Unearth Tomb Of Protester Kyal Sin Angel Grave The fill with cement

Strong points:

The army engaged in crushing the ongoing protests in Myanmar has crossed all bounds of brutality. Angel, who took the front line in Mandalay, was shot dead by security personnel. The brutality of the army did not stop when Angel’s body was shot. buried and removed from tomb Lia Mandalay
The army, which crushed protests by pro-democracy activists in Myanmar with guns, has crossed all limits of brutality. The army has played a fierce Holi in the past and shot down 33 protesters. Angel, 19, who was at the front line in Mandalay, was shot in the head by security officers. It did not stop the cruelty of the military. When Angel’s corpse was buried, security forces removed the corpse from the grave and filled it with cement. Angel is no longer in this world, but his photographs have rocked the whole world.

Angel’s real name was Ma Kyaal Sin. It is said that Ma Kyaal Sin was buried in Mandalay after his death in the action of the army. The military claimed that Angel’s cause of death should be investigated and on behalf of it, his body was taken out from inside the grave. After that, Angel’s grave was filled with cement. A thick slab of cement was placed on the flowers which were placed there.

Gloves soaked in blood are thrown over the angel’s ungodly grave
Not only that, surgical gowns and blood soaked gloves, etc. were cast on Angel’s ungodly grave. It was at this point that the United Nations expressed its apprehension that the Myanmar military was committing crimes against humanity. He said 70 protesters had been killed since the coup. Angel became a symbol of Myanmar’s performance even after his death. He was killed by the military on March 3 and thousands joined him on his last visit on March 4.

Angel’s grave was dug and filled with cement

However, eyewitnesses later told CNN that between 4 and 7 p.m., around 20 people came to open the gate to the cemetery with a gun. This included vehicles and people from the army. It was then claimed that the authorities had rebuilt the tomb, but this was not the case. Dirt was strewn all around the grave. When Angel attended the performance in Mandalay, he was wearing a T-shirt that said, “Everything will be fine.” Angel feared he would run into the army, the most powerful force in the land, and something bad could happen to him.

‘Give my body if I die’
Because of this, Angel had kept in his pocket a form on which his blood type had written a contact number. Also wrote a request. He wrote: “If I die, give my body”. That’s what Angel had feared. On Wednesday, Mandalay became Myanmar’s security force and gunned down Angel, seeking to restore democracy. His sacrifice for democracy is hailed on social networks. When the police opened fire on Mandalay, Angel asked those present to sit there, but the security personnel themselves shot his own head. Angel had voted for the first time last year and he hoped that his vote would bring happiness in his life.

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