Madrid 2021 election exit polls result

Publication: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 8:44 PM

The polls at the end of the polls indicate a rise of more than 30 points for the PP, which would reach an absolute majority with the support of Vox, which could rise to three points since the last elections.

Citizens, however, are collapsing and losing all representation in the Madrid Assembly by failing to garner 5% of the vote. PSOE also lost around 10 points, while Más Madrid and Podemos achieved a 3 to 5 point increase compared to the previous elections.

According to the Telemadrid poll, the PP would win the elections with between 62 and 65 seats, while the PSOE would lose around 10 points, coming second with between 25 and 28 points and Mas Madrid would increase by four points compared to the last elections. Vox alcanzaría los 14 escaños y Unidas Podemos se situaría entorno a los 12. La Razón otorga 61 escaños al PP, 30 al PSOE, 22 a Más Madrid, 12 a Vox y 11 a Unidas Podemos, mientras que Ciudadanos se quedaría fuera de la Asamblea from Madrid.

Exit surveys: what are they and how are they carried out?

Exit polls are those taken on voters on election day, when they leave schools. After collecting the information, it is processed and made available to the public and the media. These polls make it possible to know the evolution of the vote and to predict a range of seats before the closing of the polling stations and the start of the official count at 8:00 p.m. These types of polls are also called “Israelites”.

In the last autonomous elections in Catalonia, for example, exit polls were correct in predicting that Salvador Illa, the PSC candidate, would be the winner of the ballot box and the triple draw between ERC, PSC and Junts. However, due to their complexity, they do not always hit the target and provide erroneous results, such as in the 2016 general election, where they risked Podemos being the second most voted party, ahead of the PSOE. .

Results of the elections to the Community of Madrid, live

You can follow all the information on these elections as soon as the polling stations open on LaSexta Noticias. In addition, from 11 am, Antonio García Ferreras will analyze in “Al Rojo Vivo” the first data of the election day. At 5.15 pm, “Más Vale Tarde”, with Mamen Mendizábal, will continue with the special coverage of the 4M elections in the Community of Madrid.

Later, at 19:25, the channel will broadcast “ ARV: Target Madrid ”, where an informative display is also provided from the main areas of these regional elections. The last hour with Antonio García Ferreras and Ana Pastor, with a team of collaborators such as Lluís Orriols, Ignacio Escolar or Sandra León, among others.

In addition, you can also track turnout data, percentage of vote and the latest election time in the Community of Madrid minute by minute on You can also stay informed on social networks and the laSexta application.

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