Madrid allows a system to ask for the day and time to get vaccinated in health centers

Publication: Friday, April 16, 2021 12:55

The Community of Madrid will launch a self-appointment system so that citizens can request the day and time to be vaccinated, as announced this Friday by the Deputy Minister of Public Health and the COVID- Plan 19, Antonio Zapatero.

The health official pointed out that although appointments are now sent by SMS, with this new system, citizens will be able to receive calls and call a number to set the date.

“In addition to the citizen’s call, the citizen can call the health center. You receive the call and you can call. It is a way to facilitate the meeting for the citizen,” Zapatero said.

Citizens will therefore be able to choose the time that suits them best to be vaccinated.

Which citizens will benefit from it? Right now, health centers are getting vaccinated with Pfizer and Moderna. Those over 80 have been vaccinated and those between 70 and 79 remain, including those over 65.

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