Madrid announces this Friday its plan for Christmas and the December bridge against the coronavirus

Posted: Wednesday, November 18, 2020 1:33 PM

The Community of Madrid is finalizing its strategy against the coronavirus in the face of Christmas and the December bridge. That same Friday, he hopes to announce whether or not he will close during the Constitution Bridge, as the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero pointed out this Wednesday.

“We are finalizing a strategy for Christmas, which will also include the measures to be taken concerning the next December bridge”, he announced, predicting that the question of the bridge will be precisely “one of the points to be discussed” at the Interterritorial Council. . of Health this same Wednesday.

Community sources have already told LaSexta that the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, will be the one to announce Friday at a press conference the special Christmas campaign against COVID-19 and who will give more details on the possibility of closing the area on the perimeter during the bridge.

In this sense, when asked if the regional executive plans to close only the holidays – as it did in Todos los Santos or Almudena – and if the central government allows it, Ruiz Escudero indicated that , although health announced after the last The Interterritorial Council that the closures should be “from seven to 14 days”, also “established an exception” whereby it could “negotiate” that they were less if communities did so. justified.

To the detriment of the public health analysis of the epidemiological situation in the region, underlined Escudero, the Community of Madrid will decide on “the possibility of closing or not the long weekend of December” that it will announce “soon” .

“We expect it to be this Friday, in particular because of the decisions to be taken in terms of mobility”, he said, adding that on this particular bridge “more mobility is detected several times towards Madrid”.

Making Christmas and health compatible

“We are working on a Christmas plan to make it safe, for a quiet Christmas, where you can reconcile the daily life of Christmas with the health and control of this curve”, confirmed the vice-president of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, during of the joint press conference.

Aguado, who told Al Rojo Vivo on Tuesday his intention to test all Madrid residents for antigens ahead of the festivities – a proposal that the ministry itself does not consider viable – also anticipated yesterday that these parties “will not be normal”, although he said if infections continue to decrease “we will have a good Christmas”.

“I don’t want to have a Christmas where I see my family on Skype, nor do I want to spoil the Christmas campaigns,” he said, interviewed by Antonio García Ferreras. “They may not look like other Christmases, but we will try to make them as God intended,” he said, adding that “the fact that the curve is going down” in Madrid “does not mean not that you can lift your guard. “

“We have to lower it as much as possible before Christmas and then be careful not to think that we have beaten the virus, we will beat the virus when there is a vaccine,” he said.

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