Madrid appeals latest COVID restrictions to National Court, calls for extremely cautious action

The government of the Community of Madrid presented on Monday before the National Court an appeal against the measures against COVID-19 approved by the Interterritorial Health Council last week.

In view of this, as described by interim president Isabel Díaz Ayuso of the Madrid executive, they denounce a set of “arbitrary” restrictions that “violate the common sense and the interests of the people of Madrid”.

As can be read in the new Coordinated Action Plan against the Coronavirus, which had the majority vote of the Autonomous Communities, but not unanimously (there were up to 5 regions that voted against), the Autonomies which are at the level 3 of the so-called “traffic light” COVID must close the interior of the hotel. In addition, they also force nightlife venues to remain closed. Two measures against which Madrid strongly pronounced.

Now, after having requested the very protective measure, the National Court must respond as quickly as possible. That is, they must propose an immediate decision, without listening to the other party, in which they will decide whether the order executed by the Interterritorial Health Council is canceled or not. An opinion that must be produced within hours.

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