Madrid assure Minister Illa informed them they could shut down for days


Posted: Thursday October 29 2020 11:14

The open war between the government of Díaz Ayuso and the executive of Sánchez does not stop. This time because of the confinement of the perimeter of the Community of Madrid facing the Todos los Santos bridge.

Sources in the Madrid government assure LaSexta that the Minister of Health has informed the Minister of Health, Ruiz-Escudero, that “the measure to close only on public holidays seemed good to him and that it could be done”.

Everything in a phone conversation they had, still according to these sources, was last night, after President Ayuso walked away from Castilla y León and Castilla-La Mancha and announced that she would only close the Community if the Sánchez government allowed him to do so. “for days” and not for a period of a week as established in the alarm decree.

Ayuso reaffirmed this Thursday in his position and ensures that the region will remain open during the holidays if Sánchez does not give in to his demands: “If there are no more options, it will have to be so. they answer us, that is how we will act. “

And everything indicates that this will be the case because, as LaSexta has learned, the Sánchez government guarantees that it will not modify the text of the alarm decree to Ayuso’s measure. “Let’s be serious,” they demanded from the central executive after receiving the popular leader’s letter.

The most curious thing in all this mess of accusations is the demand that Díaz Ayuso made this Thursday: he demands that the people of Madrid “do the right thing” after refusing to confine Madrid a few hours after the start of the bridge of All Saints’ Day.

“It is recommended, and this is his thing, that people be as few as possible in high-traffic places, that they go out just enough and that they really avoid the disturbing thing of private meetings, parties and university environments, “he said, admitting that we are on the verge of an” extremely high mobility “party.

Gabilondo: “We will eventually be able to leave Madrid to go nowhere”

The leader of the PSOE in the Community of Madrid, Ángel Gabilondo, in statements to Al Rojo Vivo, criticized the decision of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and demanded that “he comply with the decree of alarm”: “The seven days are not arbitrary, it is noted by expert epidemiologists “.

“The PP in many communities is offering perimeter lockdowns and it turns out that Madrid has to appear in a certain peculiarity that I don’t quite understand,” he said, recalling that he did not agree “neither in the manner nor in the content”.

Gabilondo assures us that “we are not responding to what really matters” and recalls that many communities have already been confined by what citizens will “end up being able to leave Madrid, to go nowhere”.

Simon, against imprisonment for days

For his part, the director of the Center for alerts and health emergencies, Fernando Simón, said in statements to LaSexta that “the autonomous communities have the capacity to relax some of the measures” imposed in the decree on the state of alarm, although it has shown against the application of containments for days.

“It is true that the application of measures over too short periods has a minor impact and above all it does not allow us to assess whether this is really the case”, he stressed that he considers that “It is better to apply” perimeter containment “for longer periods.”

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