Madrid Atocha Renfe metro station changes name: it will be the news

The vice-president of the Community of Madrid announced the change of nomenglature of one of the key points of mobility in the capital. The previously known Madrid Atocha Renfe metro station has changed its name to now called Atocha-Constitución del 78.

Ignacio Aguado was defended from this change alluding to a “historic debt” to Magna Carta, guarantor of the unity and equal rights of the Spaniards. “The Constitution of 78 is the biggest and the best meeting point for the Spaniards, just as Atocha is a meeting point”, he underlined during his visit to the building of the engines of the metro of Madrid with the minister of Transport, Angel Garrido.

“Metro de Madrid has been and remains a history book in which there was an overdue debt”

The regional vice president also defended that “Metro de Madrid has been and is a history book in which there was an unpaid debt with one of the most important moments in the history of Madrid and Spain : the signing and approval of our Constitution “.

Themed metro stations

This change is in addition to a recent one. A few months ago, also on the occasion of the anniversary of the Carta Marga, the diamond at the entrances to the Plaza de España metro was changed to have the colors of the Spanish flag.

Previously, in June, the diamond at Chueca station was also transformed. On the occasion of the LGTBI + Pride celebration, it began to be dyed with the colors of the rainbow flag, a symbol of diversity.

Changes with different themes that Metro has made to commemorate historical, cultural or social milestones, as they explain.

Other examples. The Plaza de España station has the walls of its halls and platforms dressed in the full text of “ El Quijote ”, the Ríos Rosas station shows the full text of the work “ Fortunata y Jacinta ” by Benito Pérez Galdós, or Rubén Darío’s station, which pays homage to designer Antonio Mingote, fills the corners of this station with his illustrations and main works.

In La Latina station, for its part, you can see historical photos of the Rastro, while in Retiro there are images of the historical park to which it gives access.

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