Madrid Chamber signed more than 120 agreements with companies in 2021 to promote VET

Madrid Chamber signed more than 120 agreements with companies in 2021 to promote VET

During the last decade, there has been a growing interest in vocational training with an 80% increase in enrolled students. The Madrid Chamber of Commerce maintains its commitment to this educational system which offers excellent professional opportunities to students through its integration into companies. So far this year, the Madrid institution has signed a total of 121 agreements with companies for internships promoting access to quality employment for participating students.

In addition, the 2020-2021 academic year saw up to 326 registrations, showing the growing demand that VET maintains as a training springboard for a job. Students who complete the second academic year will strengthen their learning this year with internships in companies that require students enrolled in this education system with the idea of ​​integrating them, to a large extent, in their workforce.

To facilitate quality training, the Madrid Chamber, through the Commercial Training Institute, offers a program of ten higher technician diplomas. These include administration and finance, international trade, cross-platform application development, web application development, food, early childhood education, sales management and commercial spaces, tourist guide, information and assistance, oral hygiene, marketing and advertising, and transport and logistics.

An expert teaching team in different professional fields trains students on a campus of more than 14,000 square meters, equipped with all security measures. The commercial training, recognized by Madrid Excelente, is in the process of ISO 9001 international quality certification.

“We are convinced that Vocational Training is an excellent way to open the direct way to employment for young people, through training effectively adapted to the current needs of companies. Talking about PF today necessarily implies talking about employment and promoting young talents with new opportunities and future prospects, ”said ngel Asensio, president of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.

In this sense, the Professional Training of the Chamber of Madrid offers students a wide range of activities that enrich their educational experience such as masterclasses, educational outings, university conferences, participation in educational fairs or even conferences and meetings with managers. . Students are also encouraged to participate in initiatives that promote innovation or entrepreneurship, such as the e-FP program which is developed in collaboration with Cmara de Espaa and the Crate Foundation. Likewise, the chamber entity implements the Erasmus Plus European initiative program in collaboration with the French school IPAC BUSINESS SCHOLL.

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