Madrid choose to close the perimeter during the December bridge

The government of the Community of Madrid is inclined to close the perimeter of the region during the Constitution Bridge, as LaSexta has learned from sources in the regional executive. Experts and technicians from the Ministry of Health are studying the epidemiological data to soon announce their strategy against the coronavirus for the bridge and Christmas.

From the department of Enrique Ruiz-Escudero, they very seriously appreciate the closure of the perimeter of the region during the December bridge, a regional containment to which the Ministry of Justice and the Interior led by Enrique López is also favorable.

Both departments believe this would be the most appropriate measure to restrict unnecessary movement during the bridge and prevent the spread of the coronavirus, especially on a bridge like the one in December, where much of the tourism is traditionally received from outside. of the Community of Madrid.

Thus, everything seems to indicate that tomorrow, Friday, the Ministry of Health will announce that Madrid is confined to the perimeter during the December bridge. Justice is very favorable, because of the epidemiological data that the authorities manipulate after the locks decreed in October.

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