Madrid could extend restrictions in basic health areas after skyrocketing incidence

Publication: Friday, January 15, 2021 09:45

The Community of Madrid could apply new measures and restrictions in the areas of basic health after the deterioration of the data. Thus, it will be adviser Ruiz Escudero who will come out this Friday at a press conference to update the data and announce new actions in the region to stop infections.

Currently, the region has a cumulative incidence of 636.10 cases per 100,000 population and 35.98% of occupied ICU beds. Hospital pressure that can be seen on the images of the hospital in La Paz to which laSexta had access.

The video shows how the COVID emergency room is overflowing with patients: Although it should only have 12 beds, there are 21 positive people. From the health center, they admit that this is the situation and that patients should be transferred from this room to the pandemic Isabel Zendal hospital, but they claim that due to a change in protocol in the transfers, they take more time than normal and patients accumulate.

At present, there are 18 basic health zones and five municipalities that are restricted and prohibited from entering and leaving except for justifiable reasons, affecting around half a million Madrid.

Check if your street is affected

On the map below you can see if you live in one of the areas that still maintain restrictive measures, marked in red. You can move around the map and click on each area to see more information on the accumulated incidence and cases of COVID-19.

To check if your street is in one of these areas, just click on the magnifying glass and enter the street in the text box that will open. The map will direct you to the chosen location. To refine the search, you can add the municipality. If you are browsing from our application, you can zoom with the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons:

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