Madrid Elections | The final battle of Madrid: the melee between Ayuso and Sánchez


Publication: Monday, May 3, 2021 1:43 PM

The last moments of this electoral campaign, technically limited to the Community of Madrid, left no one indifferent. Madrid has fled, more if possible, and the dimension taken by the election of its regional parliament is undeniable: the battle no longer seems to be to govern autonomy, but to see which model to prevail. Political Manichaeism pushed to the end.

The campaign seemed harsh: when Pablo Iglesias left the second vice-presidency of the government to go to the Madrid scene, it was confirmed what Isabel Díaz Ayuso had been demanding since the management of the pandemic. The protagonism of Madrid, constant conversation, torrent of information and proclamations. Benefit from a statute of autonomy which decides the will of an entire country.

And the last hours of an unforgettable campaign – in every way – only crystallized that feeling. After a few weeks marked by extreme polarization, by fiery spirits, by the proliferation of threats and bullets, by bitter verbal and dialectical clashes, the May 4 elections have a certain aftertaste of plebiscite.

The dream of the absolute majority

Freedom, democracy, communism and fascism. The explosive terms, scrambled to the point of caricature after the eternal repetition, have been the absolute protagonists since the president of the Community of Madrid dissolved her government with the citizens after the failure of the motion of censure that the oranges registered in Murcia. He called a snap election, set the framework (a Trumpist dilemma, as LaSexta has already analyzed) and crystallized the battle.

The dream of an absolute majority, a “rare bird” in politics today, was at the heart of the PP candidate’s campaign for re-election. At his last rally, he asked to end this cycle with a “last effort”: to achieve “a government in freedom” with a “large majority”.

“I’m looking for a large majority because the Whites deserve the best managers, who are all here in front. Madrid and Spain are watching us, let’s live up to it. We go to the polls with passion and above all, do it for the most. great good of man: freedom. “

Sánchez, an apparition

Opposite, the PSOE. But not only with its head of the list and its regional president, Ángel Gabilondo, but the Socialists have deployed all the artillery, with Pedro Sánchez in the front row. The president of the government appeared squarely in front of Ayuso, gave him a national dimension and gave the autonomies vote the category of a state code election: it seemed that the message the PSOE was trying to convey was simply a with me or against me, like the PP.

The focus was monopolized by Sánchez with every intervention, although he tried to calibrate enough so as not to overshadow Gabilondo. A candidate who started strong, with a clear message (“Bland, serious and formal”, appeared in front of Madrid in this new attack), but who has lost strength according to the latest polls.

In the last bars, Gabilondo tried to hoist the flag of rectitude, of moral values. This was repeated by the two on Sunday during the campaign’s closing ceremony. In Sánchez’s eyes, voting for the socialist is the way to avoid “the beginning of the end of vigorous democracy brimming with rights and freedoms” in Madrid, and which Vox represents, if he touches the power with the hand of ‘Ayuso.

“We will change Madrid, if we don’t vote they will stay. If only they leave, they will stay and if we don’t, we will lose everything and it will be too late for social recovery and a fair economy”, Gabilondo also launched in his last speech. Again, the dilemma. Or black or white.

The other More Madrid campaign

This explosive battle will continue until the poll count is complete. The polls show a clear trend: Ayuso will sweep away, but in the block-numbers game it will be decided who ultimately will chair the Community of Madrid. The other parts are called keys, although the expectations are different for each of them.

Mónica García was the guest star of this campaign: she was the least known candidate and she was feared for her role after the takeover offer by United We Can and Pablo Iglesias through their joint roster offer. However, the Más Madrid project resulted in an almost round campaign: to the detriment of the mobilization of its electorate, it succeeded in dominating the proposals of the left and establishing itself as an alternative.

García, she declared this Sunday during her closing ceremony, “puts life before electoral calculations” because Madrid “are her elders, her children, she is green, her talent, her skies, her partners in any kind is to find his ex, is courageous, is cuddly. ”More Madrid tried to escape the acuteness and focused its proposal on“ the common ”,“ what really matters ”.

The fight of Podemos and Vox

Finally, and among the formations which will not bring together large majorities but which, if they manage to enter the chamber [Ciudadanos, a menos que haya un gran cambio entre lo que proyectan las encuestas y la realidad, se quedará sin representación al no alcanzar ni el 5% de los apoyos] they will be the key to the formation of the government, the aftertaste is a little bitter.

Neither Vox, nor Unidas Podemos, did not stop fighting during their last acts. Rocío Monasterio, who left the last word of the campaign to Santiago Abascal, showed his rallying strength, but with a clear message: for them, the main thing for the people of Madrid before their regional elections, must be to bring in Iglesias ” at home. . “

Pablo Iglesias, for his part, called on his electorate to stop the right. “When the right sees that it can lose power, it shows its true face, they are the arrogant and violent enemies of democracy.” He claimed, in front of the right and Ayuso, “democracy, law and order”.

Ciudadanos candidate Edmundo Bal, for his part, smiled at his rally, saying his electoral career was “education, elegance, tolerance and doing well”. “This has been the campaign to be us again.” It remains to be seen if this means that in a few hours they will lose their place in the Madrid Assembly. Something they hadn’t even had nightmares with a little over a month ago, when it all blew up.

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