Madrid fears government will force closure of Father’s Day bridge perimeter

The government of the Community of Madrid fears that the Ministry of Health will impose the closure of the perimeter of the autonomous communities during the Father’s Day bridge -19, 20 and 21 March-, as learned laSexta.

The community led by Isabel Díaz Ayuso is the only one to have hesitated to close the territory on the perimeter during the Easter holidays and, in the absence of approval by the Interterritorial Council, everything indicates that this will be the case and that the resolutions of this body is “compulsory”, as Minister Darias recalled.

Today, Madrid believes that this decision can also be extended to the San José Bridge and calls on the central government “to study where and how infections occur”. “We have found that 80% of infections occur at home. This is why Madrid banned from January 25 meetings of non-cohabitants at home,” they said of the Madrid executive.

In this sense, they insist on the fact that “it is not a question of closing large geographical areas” and they advocate “the closure of areas or populations which concentrate the greatest number of cases and prohibiting riskier meetings. “such as” those at home “.

The Ayuso government asks Darias that “before proposing perimeter closures” what should be “raised” is “where the infections actually occur and act accordingly by banning meetings in homes”: ” And not expressly advising against the ministry “.

March 19, Saint Joseph’s Day, is just a public holiday in Extremadura, Galicia, the Valencian Community, the Community of Madrid, the Basque Country, Navarre and Murcia. In the rest of the territory, it will be a working day like any other.

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