Madrid, Galicia, Valencia … the 17 confirmed cases of the British strain of the coronavirus in Spain

Publication: Wednesday, December 30, 2020 8:19 PM

Spain has a total of 17 cases of the new British strain of the coronavirus after six positives were detected on Wednesday: five in the Valencian Community and one in Galicia.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that of the five infections in the Community, three come from the province of Valencia and two from Alicante, and that some of them had traveled to the region during the holidays of Christmas from their residence in London.

To these five cases notified by Health, is added the positive detected by the Xunta de Galicia: a patient from Santiago de Compostela who is one of the seven possible infections of the new variant of the virus currently under study in the region, as reported by the regional Minister of Health, Julio García Comesaña.

The deputy director general of epidemiology and health surveillance, Hermelinda Vanaclocha, assured that the occurrence of cases of COVID-19 variants is “common” and occurs in all European countries and “practically everywhere in the world ”, according to sources of the report of the Ministry of Health.

Given rumors of the vaccine’s effectiveness in the UK variant, Vanaclocha also said the injections are effective, according to studies conducted by the UK government on a new strain.

The six positive points of the new variant counted this Wednesday are in addition to the 11 cases already recorded throughout Spain; On Monday, the first five cases of the British strain were detected in Andalusia and four more in the Community of Madrid, which added two more on Tuesday.

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