Madrid Health website failure exposes thousands of private data, including King Felipe VI and Pedro Sánchez

Posted: Wednesday July 07, 2021 11:20 PM

The private data of thousands of Madrileños has been exposed by a computer security error recorded on the website linked to the Madrid Ministry of Health, according to the public broadcaster Telemadrid.

The cyberattack would affect people of all kinds, including the president of the government himself, Pedro Sánchez, or King Felipe VI. but also to any resident of the community, without needing a recognized person.

According to the aforementioned media, with any person’s DNI, you could access their phone number, social security number or where and when they were vaccinated, although it is still impossible to tell. indicate the exact number of people affected by this failure.

From the official Community of Madrid Twitter account, they denied this version, limiting themselves to exposing it as a “hoax”, although they did not provide more details on the news.

In statements to Europa Press, the ministry said that “it is wrong that any citizen can access the web pages of the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid to obtain the COVID certificate and that confidential information such as clinical data of the king can be consulted, the President of the Government or other former presidents “.

The same sources reported that this incident was caused by downloading an update that passed the test protocols and in the boot process it generated a loophole that was resolved within hours of being detected by quality services.

In any case, they specified that the incidence did not affect the clinical data and “of course it did not compromise any alteration of the information in the databases”. In addition, they explained that in order to gain access to this information one would need the identity document of the person in question and they insisted that “the incorrectly generated access was blocked”.

However, Telemadrid maintains that it was the media itself that alerted the Civil Guard and National Police, as well as the Ministry of Health after they were able to verify for themselves the vulnerability of the private data of thousands of Madrid residents. .

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