Madrid hopes to be able to vaccinate 300,000 Madrid residents against coronavirus in January

Posted: Monday December 7 2020 11:35

The Community of Madrid hopes to be able to vaccinate 300,000 Madrilenians against the coronavirus “at the end of January”, according to its Deputy Minister of Public Health and the COVID Plan, Antonio Zapatero, who indicated that they had been working for weeks on how the distribution vaccine in logistics companies’ freezers.

This was stated in an interview on “Telecinco”, where he explained that the regional government met last Friday with the Ministry of Health to “start vaccination in January”.

Zapatero pointed out that the Pfizer vaccine “has a complex logistical procedure”, due to its ultra-cold storage conditions, among others. “It must be stored in the freezer at -70 degrees or -80 degrees, it comes in vials from which five vaccines are extracted and it is intramuscular,” he detailed.

Although the number of doses the region will receive is unknown, Zapatero pointed out that 1.3 million people had just been vaccinated against the flu there, so they have an “experience”. “We will see exactly how many vaccines we receive and we have already thought about the freezers, the logistics and the places to be supplied,” he said.

On the other hand, the deputy adviser stressed that a “qualified nursing professional” was needed and that it was not possible to vaccinate “anywhere” but that it was necessary rather to be “careful in the procedure” . For Zapatero, “the vaccine is part of the solution” to the pandemic, he therefore considers it necessary to promote it to citizens.

Zapatero, who insisted on the persistence of the “improving trend” of data in Madrid, nevertheless admitted “that it is increasingly difficult to reduce the accumulated impact”. “We maintain the accumulated downward trend but what is very striking is the way in which we lower the pressure in the hospitals,” he said, adding that there is now “70% less ”Of patients admitted until the end of September.

However, he warned that, despite this improvement, the numbers are still “high”, so he asked citizens “maximum effort” and caution, especially in the face of the Christmas holidays. “We cannot trust each other, it cannot be a normal Christmas. We must restrict the groups, the outings, only to the essentials,” he stressed.

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