Madrid is exploring the possibility of leaving the community open over Easter and allowing travel if COVID data continues to improve


Published: Tuesday March 2, 2021 11:15 AM

The Community of Madrid is open to allowing mobility between regions at Easter if the epidemiological evolution continues with the current trend, as confirmed by regional government sources in conversation with The horizon that is emerging is much more hopeful than that which was experienced a few weeks ago, the peak of the third wave reaching autonomy.

Less than three weeks from the date, marked in red on the calendar, “the idea, at the moment, is not to close the Community, but we must see the evolution”, they add. The final decision will depend on the conclusions reached by the Ministry of Health after evaluating the possibilities. “Everything is still under study,” they comment.

The opening of Madrid would be a change of trend with the rest of the regional executives. For this reason, the Ayuso government also takes these parameters into account. With the holidays and the good weather, sources warn of what could happen if the rest of the communities prefer to confine the perimeter: saturation. Better, in his eyes, that you can travel all over Spain.

As indicated by the regional president during a press conference, the Madrid executive will work to reconcile health and the economy and will try to find a balance.

“I only care what my experts say. It is true that vacations influence and mobility, but we have to see the data every day and we will take the best measures,” he said.

Vice-President Ignacio Aguado said that the first thing, in any case, is to lift the curfew, “this is the first objective to be studied. Then Easter will come. In the meantime, we must continue to reduce the contagion curve “.

Almeida also wants to open

Thus, the scale is for the moment tilted by the green light. The will of the ministry, on the other hand, is different: to try to organize the autonomous governments and that there is indeed a joint plan at the state level to avoid the dissonances between the territories, as it finally happened. at Christmas. However, so far, the Interterritorial Council has not reached a meaningful agreement.

Based on the latest data, as of March 1, the cumulative incidence at 14 days is 284 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the Community of Madrid. The national average is 175, and the region ruled by Ayuso is the second with the highest incidence, only surpassed by Melilla -367-. It is closely followed by Ceuta -264- and the Basque Country -228-. An extreme risk situation is considered when the incidence exceeds 250 cases.

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, asked this Tuesday, for his part, that the community “remain open” on this occasion and break with the trend of previous bridges and holidays. The idea of ​​the authorities is to be able to take a break, seeing how they have acted these last holidays. Of course, always with special measures and taking into account developments.

Additionally, Ayuso responded to the mayor, making sure he did not comment on his desire to keep the community open: “I will not appreciate Almeida’s words today about the perimeter closure. Him and me. will speak on the matter, if necessary. ”, underlined.

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