Madrid kicks off electoral campaign in decisive national key for the future of Spanish politics

Posted: Saturday April 17, 2021 6:31 AM

With the start of the electoral campaign in Madrid, the countdown begins for decisive elections that will mark the most immediate future of Spanish politics.

The games are being played and they end in elections which could leave a very close result between the left and right bloc. It is very important to win, but it is crucial to govern.

In order to mobilize the vote, the candidates have a little over two frantic weeks full of events until the reflection day of May 3.

This is how the parties launch the campaign

The campaign officially begins this Sunday, but the Popular Party will celebrate its opening ceremony this afternoon at 7:00 p.m. in the Salamanca district of Madrid, more precisely in the Plaza de Felipe II. Candidate Isabel Díaz Ayuso will be supported by Pablo Casado.

The PSOE will also begin its campaign this afternoon with an act by Gabilondo in the Hortaleza district. Tomorrow, Pedro Sánchez will support the socialist candidate at a rally to be held in Ferraz.

At 12:00 tomorrow, Más Madrid will organize a face-to-face meeting in Vallecas with candidate Mónica García, Íñigo Errejón, Rita Maestre, Pablo G. Perpinyà and María Pastor.

United We can start his campaign this Sunday at 12 noon in Madrid’s Lavapiés district. Yolanda Díaz, Ione Belarra, Isa Serra, Serigne Mbaye, Alejandra Jacinto, Agustín Moreno and Vanessa Lillo will also participate.

For his part, Vox begins his campaign this Sunday at 12 noon in Moratalaz with Santiago Abascal covering the training candidate Rocío Monasterio.

Ciudadanos has chosen the municipality of El Molar for its big campaign event, which will take place tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. At 7:00 p.m. today, he will be doing a traditional poster display in Place de l’Opéra.

Elections in a national key

Although the regional elections will be held on May 4 in Madrid, the elections will have a clear national character. Pedro Sánchez turned to the PSOE candidate by wrapping him in different events and, as you might expect, his presence in the campaign will be significant.

With the coronavirus pandemic as a backdrop, the president of the government questioned the number of COVID-19 infections in the Community of Madrid during an informal interview with journalists on a plane. After his words, Ayuso was quick to respond, openly entering the fray: “The thief believes everyone is of his condition.”

In addition, Reyes Maroto will leave the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism to be the economic vice president of Angel Gabilondo if he forms a government after 4M.

After the electoral coup of the Popular Party in Catalonia, Pablo Casado took a breath as the government of the Region of Murcia maintained its training and everything indicates that Isabel Díaz Ayuso, his personal bet in the last elections of 2019, will win these elections , but no, he would get an absolute majority. Now Pablo Casado is playing him and his position could be affected if the PP lose the Community of Madrid. And vice versa.

Faced with the threat that United We could be excluded from the Assembly in Madrid after the elections, Pablo Iglesias decided to step down as government vice-president in an attempt to mobilize the electorate. According to the latest CIS, this movement would improve training results, but the party would remain the fourth force.

One of the unknowns of this 4M is whether Ciudadanos will ultimately obtain representation in the regional parliament. The formation could go from 26 seats to none.

Another unknown is the outcome Vox can achieve and how Ayuso’s appeal among right-wing voters can affect the party. On the night of May 4, we will leave some doubts and we will be able to see what the most immediate future of Spanish politics will be.

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