Madrid pandemic hospital will be fed with volunteers and health workers with COVID boosting contract

Publication: Wednesday, November 4, 2020 2:48 PM

laSexta has had access to the document from the Madrid Ministry of Health which includes the proposal to provide health personnel to the new Isabel Zendal pandemic hospital, located in Valdebebas, which will soon open its doors.

This document specifies that the Community will open a process of voluntary assignment of health professionals from Madrid and in the event of insufficient number of voluntary health workers, a process of direct assignment will be opened which will only affect workers. hired this summer. by the pandemic situation.

This would be in line with the controversial announcement made by President Díaz Ayuso in which she indicated that there would be no new recruits and that they would be limited to reorganizing community resources.

The proposal document justifies this decision on the basis of Royal Decree Law 29/2020, which allows “on an exceptional and transitional basis” to refer health personnel to other hospitals as an “exceptional measure” due to the pandemic. In addition, he also cites Law 14/1986, which states that professionals can be transferred due to “imperative needs of the health organization”.

The proposal also explains how this “allocation of professionals” will take place, which will be done by categories, profiles and number of health workers needed in each health unit. These units will be four in number: conventional hospitalization, intermediate care, intensive care, support and central services.

Once these points have been defined, the voluntary registration process will be open and “the management will publish on the notice boards of the health centers, on the intranet of the center itself, as well as on any other means allowing its distribution, so that statutory staff, labor or civil servant, permanent and temporary, of the categories that are determined, can request their temporary assignment to the new hospital nurse Isabel Zendal ”.

“In the event that there is not a sufficient number of participants in the voluntary assignment process, this branch, taking into account that the necessary COVID-19 activity will be reassigned to the new hospital, may initiate a process of ‘direct assignment,’ reads the document.

These toilets will be chosen according to “the least seniority in the center of origin where they currently provide the service”.

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