Madrid plans to start vaccinating the population between 30 and 39 at the end of the month

Posted: Monday June 21 2021 1:08 PM

The Community of Madrid plans to start the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus in the population aged 30 to 39 years at the end of this month of June. This was announced by the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz-Escudero, who also indicated that over the next ten days he plans to finalize the percentages pending vaccination in the upper age groups.

“If the reception of vaccines continues at the rate we are going, we estimate roughly that among those who are vaccinated and those mentioned, we will complete the vaccination of the age group between 40 and 49 years in about ten days” , said Ruiz-Escudero. detailed after taking possession, at the Royal Post Office, as head of the Ministry of Health of the new government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Ruiz-Escudero had to qualify his remarks somewhat by suggesting previously, due to an error of interpretation, that the vaccination of under-30s would begin at the end of June. In this way, Madrid continues to meet the deadlines set to achieve group immunity, localized in 70% of the population to be vaccinated. Already on Monday, the Community of Madrid extended the self-citation system to vaccinate people aged 43 and over, without age limit, who have not yet received any dose.

With this system, 40-year-olds can also be vaccinated this Wednesday. Currently, the web application that allows you to choose the date, time and place to receive the first dose of vaccine in the region offers a total of 31 vaccination points. Among them, 27 public hospitals, two macro-vaccination points in primary care (La Garena de Alcalá de Henares Health Center and Fuente el Saz Health Center), the Wanda Metropolitano stadium and the WiZink Center, as reported by the regional government is a statement.

The self-citation system was launched on May 26. At first, it was aimed at the 57 to 67 age group. Since then, it has gradually opened up to the youngest. Nationally, Spain already has 34.7% of the vaccinated population. To date, 35,412,140 doses have been administered, and 56.5% of the population already has at least one dose. The goal of achieving this government-proclaimed group immunity remains on August 18, although it is believed that this percentage could be reached even earlier.

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