Madrid plans to vaccinate all age groups indiscriminately from July

Posted: Wednesday June 16 2021 5:18 PM

The Community of Madrid wants to open the vaccination against the coronavirus to all age groups from next month.

This was confirmed on Wednesday by the Acting Minister of Justice, Enrique López, who transferred the bet of the regional executive because in July and August all age groups can be vaccinated indiscriminately, since – has – he pointed out – if this is still cited age groups of 10 years “there may be a decrease in the number of people to be vaccinated” due to the holidays.

The adviser made the statements after visiting the Comprehensive Safety and Emergency Training Institute, where he stressed that the Ministry of Health understands that this course of action would be “the most appropriate” given the fact that in July and August there will be “a lot of traffic of citizens” for the summer holidays.

For this reason, he defended that “it seems it is time to open up vaccination to all age groups”. El consejero ha añadido que lo important es que el Gobierno central “is dedicated to conseguir vacunas” y ha reclamado que “deje a las comunidades autónomas” that we plant in the propia estrategia de vacunación, porque su política de salud pública es “muy adecuada y mucho more efficient”.

These declarations come after, on Tuesday, the approval by the Public Health Commission of vaccination for three new age groups: 30 to 39 years, 20 to 29 years and 12 to 19 years.

After the meeting of the Commission, in which the autonomies and the Ministry of Health are represented, sources from the Madrid Ministry of Health advanced to LaSexta that the autonomous government considered that in mid-July vaccination should be open to all ages because many people will be taking vacations, and they stressed the need to reach the maximum number of people who are still in Madrid.

On the other hand, the Minister of Justice recalled this Tuesday that the regional head of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, hopes that by the end of July, the mask can be removed in open and public places, coinciding with the forecast that half of the population is already vaccinated.

One problem, that of the relaxation of the obligatory nature of the mask in open spaces, that the Public Health Commission did not address on Tuesday, although this Wednesday the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, argued that “soon we will abandon the masks in the streets. “

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