Madrid Provincial Court orders to reopen Podemos Solidarity Fund case

Posted: Tuesday February 23, 2021 4:17 PM

The Madrid court ordered the judge investigating the leadership of Podemos to reopen the investigations into the party’s Solidarity Fund until the facts and alleged unfair administration denounced by lawyer José Manuel Calvente are fully clarified.

Judge Juan José Escalonilla, head of investigating court number 42 in Madrid, had archived this part of the investigation for failing to find evidence of a crime, but now the provincial court in Madrid has admitted the resources of Vox and the Association of European Lawyers Pro Lege and revoked this file.

During the filing of the case, Escalonilla argued that it is not “abnormal or strange” that the money of the Podemos solidarity fund is intended for foundations or movements close to the political party, and even formed by members of said party, “who carry out their own activities from those considered eligible for said solidarity fund”

According to the investigation, the 404 Popular Association of Communication – whose members are several members of Podemos – asked the party for 50,000 euros for its human rights work and the party transferred 30,000 euros, although the judge did not determine whether or not they came from this solidarity fund or whether it was used for a purpose other than that declared.

The Court considers that there are indications of crime

But the magistrates who studied the resources during the hearing do not think in the same way and believe that there are indications of the possible use of this money to “circumvent the limitations” of the law on political parties. and the law on party financing.

“It remains to know the destination of these sums, as well as, if applicable, the person or persons who authorized the disposal of the money and the final beneficiaries, questions necessary to determine the possible existence of the crime and its perpetrators. “, lift the car.

In another order, the court considers an appeal by former Podemos senator Celia Cánovas and admits that she is entering the case as an injured party and as a private prosecution after the judge dismissed it in declaring that she could not be considered as aggrieved “by all”. alleged crimes that have been investigated.

Cánovas considers herself a victim of this possible irregular use of part of the party’s funds since she made donations in her capacity as a civil servant, and although the court reminds her that these contributions stemmed from an agreement with the formation “that she now reproaches him for having claimed these sums”, he considers that he must be in the case as injured by some of the facts investigated.

Sources from Podemos underlined in this regard that in cases “against” this party “nothing is surprising”. “You see things that you would hardly see with another investigation. It is an investigation which aims to appear in the media,” they added.

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