Madrid quarantines Mallorca’s 20 students after macro-outbreak without diagnostic tests

Posted: Friday July 02 2021 11:35 AM

The Community of Madrid authorized a bus from Valencia on Thursday with the aim of transferring to the region the 20 students who were serving a forced quarantine at the COVID point hotel in Palma Bellver, Mallorca. In the morning of the same day, the students left on a ferry from the Balearic Islands to the Valencian capital. Once disembarked, two public health technicians assisted them and accompanied them to Madrid.

Once in the capital, students must continue at home during the quarantine that began in Palma under the supervision of the health authorities in the region. However, the government in Madrid has already indicated that it will not perform diagnostic tests on these young people before starting the trip to Madrid to find out if they have been infected with the macro-epidemic.

In this region, the macro-epidemic recorded last week in Palma de Mallorca already affects 906 people, of which more than 700 are students and the rest are secondary (parents in Madrid). In addition, there are already 2,886 contacts in Madrid who are serving a period of isolation to prevent the spread of infections in the territory. One of the secondary cases remains admitted. He’s the father of one of the students.

As Francina Armengol, president of the government of the Balearic Islands, confirmed earlier this Friday, up to 14 of the 118 students who traveled in this “bubble boat” from Palma to the peninsula have tested positive for COVID-19 after having landed in Valence. In statements granted to autonomous public television ‘IB3’, Armengol reiterated that “it is a danger to public health that close contact does not properly maintain quarantine”.

Eight of the infected young people belong to the group of 77 Andalusians. All returned to their provinces in buses chartered by the Junta de Andalucía except one, who did so with his parents after testing positive for a PCR. Five more cases occurred among the 21 Galician students who also arrived in the same boat as the others in Valencia. Two ambulances were responsible for transporting the affected youth, while the others did so by bus.

According to the latest report, 80 of the nearly 250 initial isolates tested positive, and 16 of them are hospitalized in Son Espases. On the contrary, a total of 45 uninfected students decided to stay voluntarily and end the quarantine at the Hotel Palma Bellver, despite belonging to the group that had tested negative and had the option to travel to Valencia on the ship ‘Sicilia’ from Baleària, inside the “bubble” device designed by the Balearic government.

According to the latest updated data, until 1999 they are already affected by the macro-epidemic of Mallorca, which is distributed among 12 autonomous communities. Of all, 906 belong to the Community of Madrid, 238 to Catalonia, 189 to the Basque Country, 162 to Galicia, 153 to Andalusia, 104 to the Valencian Community, 80 to the Balearic Islands, 80 others to the Region of Murcia , 39 in Castilla-La Mancha, 34 in Castilla y León, 12 in Aragon and two in Extremadura.

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