Madrid records 320 infections with 2,000 people in quarantine and 61 base areas affected by year-end travel to Mallorca

Updated: Friday, June 25, 2021 11:20

Posted: 25.06.2021 11:19

Madrid is the community most affected by the macro-epidemic caused by year-end travel to Mallorca. At present, as reported by the Ministry of Health, there are already 320 positive for the coronavirus linked to this circumstance and 2,000 people who are in isolation.

In total, across Spain, more than 400 COVID-19 infections have been detected in connection with these year-end outings. Euskadi, Comunitat Valenciana, Murcia and Aragon are the other regions which have reported cases in this regard.

The figures have led the Report on Alerts and Preparedness and Response Plans and the Public Health Commission – under the Ministry of Health – to recommend no longer making student trips in the coming weeks because the risk of transmission in the same environment where the cases are occurring is high.

Thus, in addition to the 320 positive, in Madrid there are also 2,000 people in quarantine because they are close contacts and 61 basic health areas affected. According to Elena Andradas, director of public health, in these areas there has been an increase in the incidence accumulated in recent days.

For his part, Deputy Minister of Public Health and COVID-19 Plan Antonio Zapatero has reported that all but one of the cases respond to the alpha variant, better known as the British. So far, only one Indian strain – or delta variant – has been detected.

This macro-epidemic is still under investigation, although it is already known that the infected students belonged to 31 different institutes in Madrid and stayed in eight different hotels in Mallorca.

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