Madrid residence sneaks among relatives of workers in COVID-19 vaccination

Publication: Wednesday, January 6, 2021 11:17

One of the first centers to which the Community of Madrid sent doses of the COVID-19 vaccine diverted vaccines from the plan established by the regional government to provide them to relatives of its workers, according to

According to this media, it is the residence for the elderly Casablanca Valdésur, located in an industrial zone on the road between Pinto and Valdemoro, managed by the group of companies of Casablanca, in which since Tuesday morning they have been administered doses to vaccinate relatives and friends of staff working in the residence.

The action violates the guidelines of the first phase of vaccination which only allows immunization of residents and social health professionals.

This media affirms to have witnessed these practices and cites among several examples that of the husband of one of the doctors of the residence, who “admitted the irregularity, although he explained that his partner had been vaccinated as a ‘exception”.

The group of companies to which the residence belongs admitted that in this center vaccines were given to people who were neither residents nor workers but they justify this by stating that once they have received the vaccines, they have a useful life of two hours and so they wanted. enjoy it. They say they only did this with people from their surroundings, including priests who regularly visit the center, volunteers, and at-risk relatives of residents or workers.

Asked about these facts, the Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid ensured that its service had a “nominal register of the administration of the vaccine which is communicated to the General Directorate of Public Health”, and that this tool allows them to have “complete information on the vaccinated person” and knowing “whether it is a resident or a worker”. points out that as a result of the call in the Community of Madrid, the doses provided by the Casablanca Valdesur residence are “collected” and that the company has been contacted, whose officials said that “residents and the professionals had been vaccinated socio-sanitary “. “If a mistake has been made, we will embrace the consequences,” said the source from the Madrid government.

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