Madrid sees it as “difficult” for there to be a class in the schools on Tuesday, May 4, due to the elections

Publication: Monday, March 15, 2021 09:38

Community of Madrid government spokesperson Enrique Ossorio explained that it is highly likely that there will be no class in schools in the region next Tuesday, May 4, due to the regional elections .

“It will be very difficult to reconcile the development of the elections with the development of education,” he said in an interview with TVE, in which he recalled that the final decision to cancel the courses came from “the authorities. electoral “.

Ossorio indicated that a viable option for this day would be “distance education”, although he ruled out this possibility as it is also necessary to “respect the right to vote of teachers on this day”: “He it is very probable that that day will not be able to have any teaching ”.

Elections in Spain have always been held on Sundays, days when schools are closed to students, although if you look at recent precedents, everything indicates that there will be no class on Election Day in Madrid.

The 2017 elections in Catalonia were called for Thursday, December 21 and, at that time, the Ministry of Education declared this day as “non-school day” in non-university education in the community “in accordance with the regulations in force in electoral matters “.

The Government did so by referring to Article 13.4 of Royal Decree 605/1999, which states that “ in the event that the day fixed in the corresponding decrees calling for elections is not a public holiday, it will be considered as not working for school purposes in the corresponding territory “.

It must be remembered that the day before the election is called in Madrid (Monday, May 3) is also non-teaching because the holiday of May 2 – which falls on a Sunday – has been moved to Monday. In other words, if the elections in Madrid are successful, students aged 0-18 will benefit from four consecutive days off.

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