Madrid studies ending the compulsory use of a mask in open spaces throughout the territory

The Community of Madrid, through the Ministry of Health, is studying the possibility of removing the compulsory nature of the mask in open spaces. This was stated by interim regional president Isabel Díaz Ayuso in statements to the media in Madrid Fusión.

However, he warned that this is “a balance sheet and there is still a lot” to know: “I hope it will happen soon but you have to do it wisely. So far, of course, this was the best tool against the virus. ”

In this sense, he insisted that its use “has given very good results, so there is no rush.” However, Díaz Ayuso wanted to clarify this question: “It is normal that many citizens are already starting to worry”.

At the same time, he recalled that in Madrid, it has been widespread for “a long time, since before it was compulsory”. According to him, it is “normal that the citizens are tired, especially with the heat and seeing that the figures improve more and more”.

Despite these remarks, the president of the Community of Madrid indicated that it is not necessary to take “decisions to steal pen” and stressed that it is “soon” not to use it indoors. public establishments.

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