Madrid suffers from community transmission of the Indian variant and could become the dominant strain in Spain

Posted: Friday June 11 2021 1:17 PM

The European Union continues to focus all its efforts on the vaccination campaign in all member countries. However, the World Health Organization has already warned that the European vaccination rate is insufficient to prevent a re-epidemic. A concern extended in particular to Spain, which maintains a cumulative incidence rate of 110 points and more than 3.7 million people infected since the start of the pandemic.

Although there is no longer any Spanish territory on extreme alert, fear persists among the presidents and directors of health of the autonomies. This is the case of the Community of Madrid, where Madrid’s Deputy Minister of Health and Covid-19 Plan Antonio Zapatero has announced new cases of the Delta-Indian variant in the region. Specifically, he reported 18 new positives of this strain recorded in recent days.

“This week alone, 18 cases of the Indian variant have been detected, in addition to the four cases from last week, which means we already have 22 cases,” Zapatero told a press conference, particularly worried because of the epidemiological evolution of the territory of Madrid and the rest of Spain if this variant gains in strength and presence in the days and weeks to come, which could generate a new danger of epidemics in Spain.

According to what Madrid’s deputy health minister said, this delta variant “could become the dominant strain in our country in the coming weeks”. “In fact, in Madrid, we have community transmission of this variant,” said Zapatero, who took advantage of his intervention to once again file a complaint against the leadership of the coalition government to stop the spread of the virus.

The leader said that cases of the Indian variant recorded in recent days “arrive through Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Su├írez Airport”. Likewise, he stressed that there is still “no effective control” on the part of the central administration to stop the arrival of new cases of COVID-19 that could arise through the airport. Currently, Madrid has a cumulative incidence of 122.27, having recorded 722,667 infections and 15,376 deaths from the pandemic since the onset of the health crisis.

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