Madrid suspends the celebration of bells in squares and public roads

Posted: Friday December 4 2020 10:16 AM

The Community of Madrid is suspending the events to celebrate the New Year’s Eve chime in the squares or public roads of the region, which, in principle, would include the traditional celebration of the grape in the Puerta del Sol.

It was announced this Friday at a press conference by the Deputy Minister of Public Health Antonio Zapatero, who indicated that “the events to celebrate the 12 bells of New Year’s Eve cannot be organized on the squares or on public roads “.

This is one of the “temporary and exceptional” measures against the coronavirus that the Ministry of Health has decided to adopt in the face of Christmas, which will be maintained between December 5 and January 7 inclusive.

These also affect kings’ parades, which will have to take place in closed areas with the public seated and half-capacity, markets and other Christmas events, and include the obligation of city councils to take action to avoid crowds, such as those produced over the past weekend in the capital.

Here are the measures the ministry announced today that will come into effect tomorrow Saturday:

Agglomerations: town halls must adopt capacity control measures on roads and public spaces in which a large influx is expected Bells: events to celebrate them cannot be organized in public places or roads Leisure activities: l The granting of new authorizations is suspended for those who need them. Horseback Riding: Can only take place in limited areas, with the audience seated at 50% capacity. Belenes: only in areas limited to 50% of their capacity and with a safety distance. Markets: they will reduce their capacity to 50% Tourist accommodation: the owners will be responsible for complying with preventive measures and respecting the limits of respect Skiing: they can continue to be carried out with the corresponding safety measures.

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