Madrid today opens the self-nomination for vaccination of all over 16s

Posted: Monday July 12 2021 8:34 AM

The Community of Madrid opened this Monday, July 12, the self-meeting to get vaccinated against COVID-19 to all people over 16 years old.

Thus, the entire target population who has not started the vaccination process can choose the day and time to be vaccinated among the 44 points authorized by the Ministry of Health.

The first appointments will be given for this Tuesday, as detailed last Friday by the Deputy Minister of Sanitary Assistance and Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, and the Director General of Public Health, Elena Andradas, during a press conference to analyze the epidemiological and health situation. of the Community of Madrid.

On the other hand, the Community of Madrid will add at the end of this week two new vaccination devices, launched by private companies like Iberia or Santalucía. Already last week, the English court and Banco Santander began to collaborate with general vaccination.

This is a breakthrough in the vaccination strategy which is reinforced by the worrying increase in infections. In recent days, Madrid have doubled their cases, while a large part of the aforementioned target population is still at the expense of reaching the full pattern, fundamental to dealing with the delta variant.

How to request a self-appointment

There are two ways to request the appointment:

For people who cannot name themselves because they are not listed in the databases of the Ministry of Health, they can call the free telephone number set up by the Community of Madrid: 900 102 112.

If you opt for the telematic route, once on the link, the user must identify himself by entering the CIPA (Autonomous Personal Identification Code of the public health card) or, if he does not have a CIPA, their identification document (DNI / NIE or passport) and date of birth. The system checks if you are in the age range available for self-citation.

Once the system has verified that you are in the authorized age range for the self-appointment, a list of available centers based on age group or vaccination group will be displayed and you can choose the center and the time interval, with 48/72 hours. in advance and with an initial option window of one week.

You will then receive a message with the verification code to confirm your details. You will receive the details of your appointment, as well as a QR code to access the vaccination point. In addition, you will receive a reminder message, at least 24 hours before the date of the appointment, which will include the QR code that you will have to present when entering the place.

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