Madrid will allow meetings of up to 10 people also on January 6

Posted: Thursday, December 3, 2020 10:36 AM

The Community of Madrid will also allow meetings of up to 10 people on January 6, Three Kings Day. This is what the spokesperson for the PP parliamentary group, Alfonso Serrano, said when he arrived at the Madrid Assembly.

“Once again Ayuso was right: the celebrations will be 10 people at Christmas as she requested. In the Community of Madrid we will have a 10 person party on January 6, which the Ministry of Health does not want “, did he declare. Serrano pointed out to the media.

Previously, in an interview with Onda Cero, Madrid’s Minister of Health Ruiz Escudero also explained that they would propose that January 6 be an “day of exceptions” for the Christmas restrictions.

The truth is that Madrid have disassociated themselves from the health deal with the ACSC to set concrete measures for Christmas, as Salvador Illa himself pointed out yesterday. “This agreement was not adopted by consensus, so Madrid does not feel bound,” added the head of Health.

The Community of Madrid, which voted against the proposal, does not agree with the point that limits mobility between communities between December 23 and January 6. They defend the CAM that a “downward trend” is expected for the next few weeks and that, also given the current level of incidence, “the impact of the restriction of perimeter mobility in the region will be minimal”.

In addition, when it comes to the number of people scheduled for family reunions, Madrid has always wanted that on the Day of the Three Kings (in addition to December 24, 25 and 30 and January 1) there could be a maximum of 10, something which, as Salvador Illa pointed out, they can.

However, according to the Minister of Health, these 10 people can belong to at most two groups of cohabitants. And it is that Madrid propose that they be three, so he is not satisfied with this point either.

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