“Madrid will not close the perimeter” at Easter and at the San José Bridge

Publication: Wednesday March 10, 2021 20:14

The Community of Madrid has made sure that it does not close either on the San José Bridge or at Easter. After the Interterritorial Health Council, in which Madrid was the only region to vote against the document approved for the next vacation, Madrid’s Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, said that “Madrid will not close the perimeter “.

Although the health minister explained that the restrictions are “mandatory for all communities”, Madrid insists its refusal to enter. The regional government also alleges that Isabel Díaz Ayuso is “the competent authority delegated to adopt the relevant measures”, they explain, according to the royal alarm decree which governs the state of alarm. For this reason, they say, “we will apply the decisions that we deem appropriate for our Community”.

Escudero told a press conference the reasons why they do not consider it appropriate to delimit the region, a decision which “is technical and not political”. He mainly emphasizes that “it does not benefit the citizens”. “The old closures meant an increase in cases. It is incomprehensible that a man from Madrid cannot move and that a Frenchman can come to our country,” he said.

Further, he criticized Health for saying months ago that the CCAA had “sufficient tools” to deal with the epidemiological situation in their territories and that that position has now changed. “Nothing was done, with many communities with an incidence of over a thousand cases, the ministry considered that we already had enough tools to handle the situation and now we don’t understand what has changed. . ”

“Madrid respects the fact that the ministry and each autonomous community believe that this document helps, but we demand the same respect for Madrid. Madrid will be respectful of the law”, concluded the adviser.

“Whether there is an election does not affect us”

Escudero also ruled on how the electoral appeal launched by Isabel Díaz Ayuso for next May 4, which is still pending due to the two censure motions presented against her in the Madrid Assembly, could affect her work .

“We must continue to monitor infections and adopt measures to control the pandemic in our region. The fact that there are elections does not concern us,” said the Minister of Health.

And reaffirming himself in this, he specified that “the whole team continues to control the cases, by putting in place measures and with the vaccination campaign”. “Let it be clear, it will not affect our daily work.”

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