Madrid will not open the self-meeting for people between 12 and 37 years old on Monday July 5

Posted: Thursday July 01, 2021 5:50 PM

No, this Monday July 5, the auto-appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine will not be open to people between 12 and 37 years old in Madrid. This information, which circulates on WhatsApp and various social networks, is a hoax that the Community of Madrid itself has already denied.

In the message with false information that has been circulated in recent days, it is stated that from next Monday, people aged 12 to 37 will be able to cite themselves to receive the first dose of one of the vaccines. . The text also adds a link where you’re supposed to go to the self-date process, and they say, “Usually they give it to you (the tour) for two or three days at the most later.”

These data are false, this is a hoax, and as the government of Madrid has confirmed, this vaccination process will not open on Monday. However, the confusion this post generated was heightened by some statements that Madrid’s COVID plan manager Antonio Zapatero made this week in an interview with ‘Onda Cero’. “I would say that we will start to vaccinate from 39 at least from July 5,” explained the deputy minister of public health of the Community of Madrid.

The truth is that in Madrid there are plans to vaccinate the group of people aged 30 to 39 in the first week of July, thus expanding the vaccination to increasingly younger groups. In addition, from this Thursday, people 35 and over can request an appointment for a vaccination.

Catalonia already vaccinates everyone over 16 years old

After the increase in coronavirus infections among the youngest, the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia has decided to open the vaccination for all over 16 years, who can now ask for self-performance and who have already started receiving dose of Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Thus, Catalonia becomes the first region to facilitate general vaccination. To deal with the vaccination of these new groups, the Minister, Josep Maria Argimon, announced that trucks, buses and vans will be deployed to increase vaccination in areas where there is either a higher incidence of the virus, or low incidence vaccination coverage.

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