Madrid will offer up to 600 euros in discount vouchers to domestic tourists

Publication: Wednesday, May 19, 2021 1:59 PM

Madrid wants to attract domestic tourists and for this the regional government has announced a series of incentives designed for this summer. For example, it will offer discounts of up to 600 euros on hotel nights, meals, health and wellness, guided tours, and tourist and sporting activities.

These bonuses, which can reach discounts of up to 50% on the final price of the products or activities, can be claimed each month individually during the duration of the program. The validity is less: its “expiration date” is 10 days from the moment of its download and it can only be exchanged during this period.

The regional executive confirmed that the entry of the discounted amounts to travel agencies will be done in a month in order to avoid harming these companies, mostly SMEs, which will have to finance these obligations. They hope to present the project to Fitur, which will run from today until the 23.

International plans

The Community of Madrid is also considering plans for international tourists. One of them is the “Greater Madrid”, whose objective is that foreigners “clearly understand what the tourist offer means” for the region, beyond the capital. To do this, CAM wishes to enhance its geographical environment, its cultural and natural heritage and “all the quality tourist products at its disposal”.

It will also promote a strategy called “Destination Weddings”, which aims to position Madrid as a luxury destination and a European leader in the organization of weddings. The program is aimed primarily at the North American public, Madrid’s main source of tourism. It affects weddings that take place outside the married couple’s country of origin. This activity generates over $ 75,000 million and has grown by over 100% over the past five years.

New web portal and other programs

Taking advantage of the Fitur celebration, the new Tourism web portal will also be presented, which “improves the user experience” so that you can more easily find what you are looking for. Likewise, it will also improve accessibility for people with functional diversity or navigability within the portal itself.

The regional government is also developing other programs to encourage tourism. One is “Juntos por el flamenco”, which showcases the art of flamenco through the tablaos of Madrid. You will contemplate routes through the most emblematic places of Madrid flamenco.

Throughout the month of May, the cycle of concerts “Sesión Vermú” takes place, made up of 104 recitals by 53 musical groups in the municipalities of the region such as Bustarviejo, Chinchón, Alcalá de Henares, Alcobendas, Lozoya or Aranjuez.

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