Madrid’s 9,000 gaming workers unite to defend their jobs

Madrid’s 9,000 gaming workers unite to defend their jobs

Under the name of the Association of Gaming Workers of the Community of Madrid (ATJUCAM), workers in the private sector of the Community of Madrid gambling have united to defend their jobs “against the attack that the new law regulating games and bets that the regional executive deals with ”.

The new law on games in which the Minister of Justice, Enrique Lpez works, and which will be sent to the Regional Assembly in the coming weeks, assumes for ATJUCAM “the total destruction of our jobs”.

The workers denounce that with the text prepared by the executive of Isabel Daz Ayuso, places close to any educational center “will have the obligation to close. We do not understand that it is possible to buy tobacco, alcohol, a coupon or a scratch at the ONCE near a school and on the contrary it is intended to close an activity like ours, absolutely supervised at means of access control and DNI registration ”.

In this sense, the spokesperson of ATJUCAM, Iaki Angulo, assured that “if the law is approved as it is, the vast majority of existing gaming establishments will disappear and with them, our jobs. It is unreasonable to force a business that has a license and meets all the conditions to shut down on arbitrary criteria and without any kind of evidence or report supported by objective data. It’s not Venezuela, ”Angulo said.

The latest official data indicates that today there are more than 363,000 unemployed in the Community of Madrid. The coronavirus has claimed the lives of many people in Spain and in our community, and the future of many workers is uncertain.

“The workers of ATJUCAM – explains Angulo – we demand from President Ayuso an effort of social coordination which allows us to maintain our jobs. We support measures that create better control and effective protection of players, as well as better planning that the industry has long requested for years. What is not admissible is to shut down hundreds of businesses due to self-interested pressure from populist parties who only want to replace gambling run by private companies with public gambling. “

ATJUCAM affirms that the bill promoted by the Community of Madrid “does not meet the new planning criteria and that it is not based on any type of objective evidence or expert opinion from a medical / health point of view “

For Iaki Angulo, spokesperson for the workers “It is astonishing that the regional government of Madrid, which proclaims itself a defender of the freedom of the market, applies discriminatory treatment to the private gaming companies in Madrid because it forces them to adopt measures. which do not apply to places and sellers of lotteries and other games under public management ”.

The workers of the gambling halls do not reject the power of the regional government to regulate their activity in order to guarantee activity control and effective protection of the players, but they want that “the maintenance of our jobs and economic activity in the new regulation. “

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