Madrid’s feminist movement calls for a concentration of 250 people in Callao on March 8

Updated: Thursday, February 25, 2021 1:47 PM

Posted: 25.02.2021 13:33

The Madrid feminist movement convened a concentration of 250 people in the Plaza de Callao on March 8. Thus, it excludes a massive manifestation like those of previous years due to the epidemiological situation.

It was Ana Sánchez, from the Women’s Council of the Municipality of Madrid, who reported the call “controlled with half the capacity set by the government”. We are going to be incredibly respectful with the Health indications and the criteria of the Government delegation, aimed.

10 days before International Women’s Day, the debate on whether or not to call for mergers generated some differences. Health they believe that these acts would not be understood, while the government delegation spoke on Wednesday of concentrations of 500 people.

However, José Manuel Franco, government delegate in the Community of Madrid, backed down after assuring yesterday that he would authorize concentrations of less than 500 people. The representative of the executive assured in “TVE” that “what is responsible is that there are no mass demonstrations in the street.

For her part, the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has already declared that “the epidemiological situation in this country would not include the acts she comments” because “what is being considered is not appropriate”.

United We can also enter into the debate, which was forced to qualify the words of Pablo Echenique. The deputy said that if there are concentrations, the purple training will attend. The party led by Pablo Iglesias ensures that its “position is the same as that of Equality”: they do not believe that this is the year of mass demonstrations and will comply with the indications of the health authorities and the delegation.

The president of the Community of Madrid has already indicated that she would not attend “any demonstration” because she wishes “to pay tribute to the women and men who work”. In statements to the media, he said it was not possible “to allow 8M to become infected women day.”

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