Magnetic Bomb Attack: Taliban Killing People With Magnetic Bomb, How Dangerous Is A New Weapon Of Terror? – What is a magnetic bomb, the Taliban use sticky bombs to kill Afghan officials

The Taliban operating in Afghanistan are killing people with magnetic bombs these days. The targets of these small bombs are Afghan officials, security forces, social workers and journalists. In recent weeks, the Taliban alone have killed at least 10 government officials and their allies in Kabul with magnetic bombs. Since then, this new Taliban weapon of terror has started to be discussed. Diplomats from other countries stationed in Afghanistan have also voiced concerns about this Taliban weapon.

Taliban kill Afghan officials with this bomb
Afghanistan’s internal intelligence documents have been quoted as saying the Taliban are targeting medium-term Afghan government officials against these sweeping bombs against its radicalism. One diplomat even said the Taliban was not killing senior Afghan officials and army generals with these bombs as part of a well-thought-out strategy. Because he fears that it could derail the ongoing peace talks in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Taliban accept attack with magnetic bombs accepted
At the same time, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said his organization had been implicated in some attacks carried out using magnetic bombs. A spokesperson for this terrorist group also said that through these attacks only Afghan government officers who are involved in peace and war have been targeted. The Taliban have announced that they will continue to target their enemies with this bomb and kill important government officials. However, the Taliban also claimed in their statement that they would not target social workers or journalists in their attacks.

Taliban attack in Afghanistan during peace talks, 34 security personnel killed
Officers are afraid to change their return path and vehicles
Afghanistan’s interior ministry blamed the Taliban for all the magnetic bombings. Fearing magnetic bomb attacks, senior Afghan government officials have recently changed their modes of transportation. The panic is such that these officials are now using different routes and trains to get to and from the office.

Afghanistan-Taliban peace talks are resuming, do you know what the effect will be on India?
How dangerous is this bomb
The Taliban’s magnetic bombs stick easily to trains. After which, after reaching the attack zone, the terrorists detonate the vehicle using the remote control. For this reason, these terrorists are capable of causing a large number of victims at the place already decided. The great thing is that these bombs can be hidden in any car or bike. Due to which the person in the vehicle cannot know the presence of the bomb.

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