Mahathir Mohammed, among the world’s most dangerous extremists, spits venom at India

Kuala Lumpur
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed has been included in the list of the 20 most dangerous extremists in the world. He had made reprehensible statements about the terrorist attacks in France a few months earlier. Mahathir has also been aggressive against India. He also tried to create a separate group of Muslim countries during his tenure along with Pakistan and Turkey. However, Imran Khan withdrew after pressure from Saudi Arabia.

Mahathir included in the list of feared terrorists
Mahathir Mohammed was ranked 14th in the list of the 20 most dangerous extremists in the world of the American institution Counter Extremeism Project (CEP). The list also includes Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, secretary general of the Palestinian group. Apart from these, Amir Muhammad Saeed Abdal-Rahman al-Mawla, who calls himself Khalifa of the dreaded Islamic State terrorist organization, also has a place in this list.

The organization has declared Mahathir a threat to international security
The CEP annually lists the feared people who believe in terrorist ideologies and beliefs. The people on this list are considered a major threat to international security. In its list, the CEP designated Mahathir Mohammad as a critic and opponent of Western countries. In addition, Mahathir’s remarks on the October 2020 terrorist attack in France were also mentioned.

Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad’s anger flared in the West, said: ‘Muslims have the right to kill French people’
Controversial statements given
The Counter Extremeism Project did not consider Mahathir to be directly responsible for the violence in any country. However, Mahathir supported extremist violence against the West. His controversial views have also been condemned internationally. After the terrorist attack in France, Mahathir tweeted to support him.

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This organization works against terrorism
The CEP was founded in 2014 by former U.S. government officials. The organization described its mission as the fight against global extremism with particular emphasis on the expulsion of the ISIS terrorist group.

Mahathir Mohammed, overthrown by declaration ‘right to kill the French’, said – misinterpreted
What was Mahathir saying about the terrorist attack in France?
Mahathir, referring to the brutal murder of French teacher Samuel Petty by a Chechen student in France, wrote that “Muslims have a right to be angry. They have every right to kill millions of French citizens for the massacres of the past. But so far Muslims have not passed from eye to eye. France must teach its citizens to take care of the feelings of others.

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