Mahou San Miguel creates the General Directorate of Transformation to face its future challenges

Mahou San Miguel creates the General Directorate of Transformation to face its future challenges

Miguel ngel Miguel will lead this new area, which encompasses the skills of digitization, excellence and business innovation, and with which the brewery intends to anticipate new market challenges and support key sectors such as the hospitality industry.

BY RRHHDigital, 4:15 p.m. – March 31, 2021

Mahou San Miguel, a 100% Spanish company and leader in the beer sector in our country, has strengthened its corporate structure with the creation of the new General Directorate of Transformation with which it intends to anticipate, with agility and efficiency, the future. market challenges. . This new area will be led by Miguel ngel Miguel, until now General Manager of Technology and Digital of the company, and will integrate in a single division the strategic axes of the brewery such as business innovation, excellence and digitization, in which they include the information systems and electronic commerce of Mahou San Miguel.

Miguel ngel Miguel will be in charge of continuing to promote these key development levers with particular emphasis on the digital transformation of the company, a process that has accelerated in recent years and that has enabled it to cope, with guarantees , to major challenges arising from the crisis. motivated by COVID-19, such as telecommuting for all its office professionals, ensuring business continuity at a key time.

The brewery, which has an average annual investment of around 7 million euros, has promoted new digital talent programs for its team, which have resulted in more than 71,000 hours of learning, as well as new forms of work. collaborative. Likewise, it has developed key capabilities to meet new market needs, advancing in the use of voice, platform, blockchain or robotics technologies and applying new trends in technology. operational optimization.

“We still have many challenges on the path to transformation, but the involvement of professionals in innovation projects is essential to successfully face them and make the most of the opportunities offered by technologies” -assures Miguel ngel Miguel, Nuevo Transformation Director of Mahou San Miguel – “The pillar of our strategy will remain the talent of the professionals themselves and their ability to change the way they work,” he adds.

Also helps transform the hospitality industry

Mahou San Miguel places a strong emphasis on promoting entrepreneurship, both inside and outside the company, seeking solutions that, through digitization and innovation, are put at the service of hoteliers, with whom he particularly focused on these difficult times of the pandemic.

In addition, she has advised her clients to help them maintain and develop their activities and has developed a transversal innovation model that encompasses aspects as diverse as the sanitation of establishments, support in the development of Delivery, digitalization in management, etc. Support to continue development, alongside new transformation initiatives, in 2021 and over the long term

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