Mahou San Miguel presents ‘Sed de Avanzar’, his new employer brand

Mahou San Miguel, a 100% Spanish family business and leader in the beer sector in our country, is launching its “Sed de Avanzar” brand with the aim of showing its commitment to quality employment and highlighting the talent of its human team. share the experiences accumulated to become not only the benchmark brewery in our country, but also one of the best companies to work for.

With its new employer brand, which gives name to its new strategy for attracting and retaining talent, Mahou San Miguel wishes to demonstrate the importance of placing people at the center and how its strategy triggers a work environment marked by innovation, talent development and taking on new challenges, all framed by teamwork and the leadership of professionals in their respective responsibilities.

“Thirst to Advance” is intended as the frame of reference to promote the professional development of current staff and that to be followed by those who wish to be part of their team. The main lines that support this strategy are the character of Mahou San Miguel as a unique and committed company; its effort to create and be part of the privileged moments of people, its interest in supporting professionals in their professional and personal growth, and its commitment as a sustainable, human organization and an active reference in society.

“Working at Mahou San Miguel is being part of a global community, with a unique way of doing things that keeps us moving forward. We firmly believe in the power of people, which is why we are always on the lookout for enterprising, innovative and proactive professionals to anticipate the needs of our consumers and develop products and experiences that allow us to be present in privileged moments. citizens, ”says Jess Domingo, General Manager of People and Organization of Mahou San Miguel.

A strategy that consolidates its efforts to promote quality employment

Mahou San Miguel has made a significant effort in recent years as part of his commitment to employment, especially in talent development. It has therefore strengthened its training strategy, particularly in the digital environment, to provide new growth tools to its professionals; and strengthened its policy of physical and emotional well-being, as evidenced by the pioneering measures it has developed over the past year, such as mindfulness sessions before starting the day, breakfasts with relevant and inspiring people linked to happiness and well-being (“Breakfasts with Diamonds”), initiatives for physical activity and nutritional advice (School of Nutrition) entirely online, surveys on psychosocial risks, a service internal psychological support and prevention workshops to face the situation with a positive and resilient attitude. Likewise, the policy of flexibility, remote working and the development of its digital disconnection policy have been strengthened, particularly relevant when it comes to respecting schedules in a situation as exceptional as the one we have experienced.

Thanks to this effort, the brewery has had different recognitions in terms of work: the activity monitor Merco Talento placed it among the 20 best companies to work for in Spain for years; It was the first company in the sector to obtain the “Most Equal Company” distinction, awarded by the Ministry of Equality for its efforts in the field of diversity, at the same time that the Fundacin Mme Familia highlighted it with the highest qualification in terms of conciliacin, a distinctive sign that only 70 entities have in the world.

With “Sed de Avanzar”, Mahou San Miguel makes a firm declaration of intent, defining itself as a company that places people at the center of its strategy. His commitment to talent is manifested within a team of more than 4,250 people eager to take on new challenges to meet the new needs of society, a characteristic that has defined the company throughout its more than 130 years. of experience. experience.

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