Mail app will have direct access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint

The team behind the Mail app continues to work on new features. While it is true that they should work on better optimization first, which the community sometimes complains about. However, they now seem to be working on new shortcuts. As the people of Aggiornamenti Lumia have seen, they seem to be working on something new.

Mail app offers direct access to Office apps

Just as we have access to Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts, we seem to have other shortcuts along the way. The idea is to have quick access to the most common Office applications: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

[1] The mail receives “Open Words”, “Open Excel” and “Open PowerPoint”

– Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) November 23, 2020

Microsoft seems to be working on new apps for Windows 10X. In the meantime, it’s unclear what they’re working on beyond these new icons for Windows 10. The Redmonds will have to make a complete change.

We hope these changes are up to the task and that the system application renewal is complete. We’ve had a very similar design for the past five years, and it’s time to renew the look and functionality of Windows 10.

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