“Maintaining the emotional bond between employees and team leaders during the lockdown was crucial”

Interview. Enrique Puig, Director of People and Culture at IKEA Ibrica: “Maintaining the emotional bond between employees and team leaders during childbirth was crucial”

Small companies, medium-sized companies, large companies … No one is exempt from adapting to the circumstances, for the most part unfavorable, offered by the coronavirus. In fact, organizations with more employees have had to work even harder to communicate and train their employees since the pandemic began over a year ago.

One example is IKEA, a multinational with a large number of employees, which has had to adapt its nearly 400 international stores and its hundreds of thousands of employees to the new reality of employment. From RRHHDigital we were able to speak with Enrique Puig, Director of People and Culture at IKEA Ibrica, who told us how they have managed in recent months at work and company level.

“Maintaining the emotional bond between the employees and the team leader during the three months of the birth was crucial. After the birth, we organized ourselves around the maintenance of capacities, new work organizations, teams and protective measures, we strengthened our medical teams … The common thread was to provide peace of mind , to maintain employment and to maintain a normality as close to that which existed before the pandemic, ”he explains.

When asked about IKEA, a well-known company at all levels, Enrique Puig told us that “IKEA is a company built around a vision: to create a better day after day for the majority of people and to do it through solutions for the house: which is accessible, of quality and of good design. “And at the level of work, it has diverse workers in terms of nationalities, academic records, personalities … What we are looking for is that everyone can be themselves at work ”.

Regarding the future expectations and challenges of Ikea, Puig told us: “We will continue our expansion plans and with the emphasis on electronic commerce and the training of our teams to defend themselves and be able to evolve in this new business scenario, for through requalification and upgrading of skills

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