Malawi burns vaccines: Malawi burns expired AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine: Malawi burns expired corona virus vaccines

17,000 doses of AstraZeneca’s Corona virus vaccine, which had expired in Malawi, Africa, had to be set on fire. Malawi is the first African country to do so, according to a BBC report. Doses that expired in April were burned here. The World Health Organization had previously asked countries not to do so, but subsequently changed its mind.

Malawi officials say there were doubts among people that they were receiving the expired vaccine. Doses were burned to clean it. Malawi received 3 lakh doses as part of the vaccine sharing facility from Kovac, 50,000 from India and 1.02 lakh from the African Union. However, people did not come here to be vaccinated and later the expired vaccines had to be burned.

Propaganda against the vaccine
The country’s health minister alleges that the vaccines she received due to the AstraZeneca vaccine propaganda could not be used during the two-week shelf life. He assured the people of the country that the vaccine that expired as part of the immunization program is not being given to anyone.

Previously, Norway had become the third European country to stop using AstraZeneca after Norway and Denmark. With the spread of news about blood clotting, these countries have taken such a step. Malawi aimed to reduce at least 60% of the country’s population by the end of the year. Since the introduction of vaccination in March, 3 lakh people have been vaccinated.

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