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The campaign, which started on October 2 last year, has now turned into a nationwide movement. (Symbols for children)

Male teachers wearing skirts to child teachers

In the Spanish city of Bilbao, a young boy named Michael Gomez, wearing a skirt, dropped out of school due to mental illness. Angered by this, now many teachers have started coming to class wearing skirts. Not only that, the campaign, which started on October 27 last year, has now turned into a nationwide movement. The name of this movement in support of this child is ‘not the gender of clothing’. More and more people are joining the campaign against stereotypical thinking about gender. People say they want to increase tolerance through it.

What is the whole matter
A Spanish student was expelled from school for wearing a skirt. Since then the people of this country have been vocal about thinking about this law towards school management and conservatism. The point is that now it has become a movement. People have named this movement ‘there is no gender in clothes’. Not only that, male teachers from many schools in Spain have also started coming to class wearing skirts in support of that child. Recently, Manuel Ortega, a 37-year-old teacher, and Borja Velazquez, a 36-year-old teacher, also joined the movement. In fact, a student at Manuel and Borger’s school was raped after wearing a T-shirt. These teachers wear skirts in class to fight against stereotypical gender norms.

Young children – some are called mentally ill and some are called homosexual
Notably, Ortega and Borja taught at a school in Valladolid. He was mocked as a homosexual after seeing a student’s T-shirt at his school and he was so embarrassed that he was forced to take off the T-shirt tearfully. Ortega was shocked to see this happen. After that, he decided to do something about it with his colleague Borja. That’s why Borja and Ortega have been coming to their school after skirts for the past month to Orteza saying that she has no objection to getting cheap popularity on social media or wearing skirts to be viral.

Wearing skirts to increase tolerance in society
He said that with the help of this initiative we want to increase tolerance in the society and we are appealing to other people to take part in this campaign as well. Significantly, the movement began on October 27 last year when a student named Michael Gomez from Bilbao, Spain, was fired for wearing a skirt at school and was told that Michael’s condition was not good and that he needed psychologists. The same Gomez later made a video and said that after the skirt she wanted to show support for feminism and pluralism. This video of Michael has gone viral and since then many teachers and students have been coming to school wearing skirts.

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