Mali Military arrest of the president: soldiers revolt in this African country, the president, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense arrested

Soldiers revolted in the African country of Mali and arrested outgoing President Bahn Daw and Prime Minister Moctar Oane on Monday. According to reports, prior to this arrest, two army men were removed from the cabinet by a change of government. The African Union and the United Nations have provided information on this sudden development. The military also arrested the Minister of Defense.

During the military uprising of nine months ago, the army captured the Malian government. Meanwhile, the international community called on the rebel soldiers to release President Bahn Daw and Prime Minister Moqtar Oyane as soon as possible. The President and the Prime Minister are now accommodated at the military headquarters in Kati. International organizations issued a statement saying they rejected the military’s decision and the forced resignation.

Rebel soldiers surround the president’s house
After arresting the president and prime minister of the army, he is now sounding the alarm over whether the transitional government will be able to conduct democratic elections in Mali in February next year. The United Nations spends $ 1.2 billion annually on peacekeepers in Mali. After international pressure on the military, the current president and prime minister took office in September last year.

The Malian army had agreed to cede power to the civilian government. The army had seized power a month earlier and rebel troops surrounded the president’s house and opened fire in the air. The president then said in his statement on national television that he was stepping down so he wouldn’t have to play Holi blood to stay in power.

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