Malian mother Halima Cisse gives birth to record nine babies See photos: Woman from Mali recorded birth of 9 children, surprising images revealed in hospital

Halima Sise, a woman from the African country of Mali, has become a topic of discussion around the world as she gives birth to nine children. They have 5 daughters and 4 children. These children were born in a hospital in Morocco. Amazing images of these children came out of the hospital. Doctors said that on Tuesday Halima gave birth to the children. He said all the children are healthy now. Halima is from the region of Timbuktu. The government of Mali sent Halima to Morocco for safe delivery. Previously, Halima, around 25, had learned from an ultrasound that she would give birth to 7 children, but doctors were surprised to find that a total of 9 children were born during childbirth. Let’s see the pretty pictures of these beautiful children …

The birth of nine children is a rare event in the world

Doctors said the woman was delivered by Caesarean section. The child is said to be born, but the woman may have to stay in the hospital for the next few weeks. Malian Health Minister Fanta Sibi said that after heavy bleeding and blood transfusions, Halima’s health is now better. Halima’s husband is still in Mali. Before giving birth, Halima was admitted to a hospital in Bamako, the capital of Mali, for two weeks. After that, the government of Mali sent him to Morocco for better care. These children are said to have become premature. The birth of Halima of nine children is rare in the world. It is now the third such case in the world. Previously, in Australia and Malaysia, women had given birth to 9 children. However, these children died shortly after their birth.

If nine of Halima’s children survive, world record will be set

If nine of Halima’s children survive, she will set a record. Earlier in 2009, Nadya Suleman gave birth to 8 children and all of them survived. The health department said children around 30 weeks old were 39.9 centimeters tall. All these children are under the surveillance of doctors and nurses in a magnificent video broadcast by the Moroccan hospital. They are taken care of in the hospital so that the children’s lives can be saved. Halima was transported to Morocco by plane just before delivery. Dr Yajid Murad, who gave birth to Halima, said all of the children were around 30 weeks old. He said efforts had been made to delay childbirth in order to increase the chances of survival of the children. He said these children were going to be 25 weeks old but thanks to our efforts they stayed 5 weeks and in their mother’s womb. With this, their chances of survival have increased dramatically now.

’30 -week ’80 percent chance of survival alive

Dr Murad said that children who are usually born around 30 weeks old and receive the right treatment are 80% more likely to survive. He said: ‘I wasn’t sure all the children would be alive when they were born in 25 weeks so the 5 week deadline was extended for delivery. Previously, the Malian government sent Halima Sissé, 25, to Morocco on March 30 for better care. Until now, the event of the successful birth of 6 children together was considered rare, but now the woman has given birth to 9 children. Halima was also accompanied by a Malian doctor and he provides information at all times. Malian Minister of Health Sibi congratulated Mali and the Moroccan health team for this successful campaign.

9 women born in Mali, watch the video

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