Mammals Can Breathe Through Anus In An Emergency, According To Japanese Scientists: Sterilization Organisms Can Breathe Through Anus, May Have This Ability In Humans: Japanese Research

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Mammals are able to breathe through the mouth as well as through the anus in an emergency, which Japanese scientists say prevents mammals from receiving oxygen.
Japanese scientists have revealed in one of their research that mammals are able to breathe through the mouth as well as through the anus in an emergency, which allows them to receive oxygen. In fact, scientists were curious about how some sea creatures breathe through their intestines in an emergency. Researchers at Tokyo Medical and Dental University got it right in an experiment with mice and pigs.

Japanese researchers have said in their research that breathing through the anus can also be applied to humans when they suffer from breathing problems and do not have a ventilator or are not sufficient. Mammary organisms take in oxygen through the lungs or gills and release carbon dioxide. The researchers said that certain organisms such as groupers, catfish and algae have alternate breathing mechanisms that allow them to take oxygen through the gut in an emergency.

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This is called the internal process of ventilation through the anus. Chief researcher Ryo Okabe said there are many blood vessels inside the rectum, which means that if the drug is delivered through the anus, it easily dissolves in the bloodstream. He said this information has heightened our curiosity as to whether oxygen can be sent into the bloodstream by this means or not.

Okabe and his experiment reduced their oxygen levels in rats and pigs and subsequently necessarily gave oxygen through the anus in the form of liquid and gas. The experiment was successful and the oxygen easily reached the interior of both animals. With very little help, mammals are able to breathe through their anus.

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