MAN continues to promote the employability of women in the professional transport sector

With her WoMAN initiative, she intends to reverse the rare female presence at the wheel

MAN continues to promote the employability of women in the professional transport sector

MAN Truck & Bus Iberia has launched the WoMAN initiative to promote women driving in the professional transport sector. And the fact is that, with the already widespread lack of professional drivers in Spain, despite the fact that 90% of goods are transported by road, there is a problem of diversity. According to the EU, women represent only 14% of land transport.

To reverse this situation, MAN has developed a real and realistic project, the first important measure of which is to promote the training of women as professional drivers through scholarships.

Concretely, it is an economic aid to obtain the driving license for trucks, either the C for rigid or the E for articulated, and the Certificate of Professional Aptitude for transport. Specifically, these scholarships will cover up to 70% of the derivative costs and are accessible through the following link .html

And, as is customary in academia, these scholarships are dependent on the merit and performance of the student, so they are subject to passing the exams on the first call.

However, MAN does not want to limit itself to covering part of the cost, but also supports potential carriers with weekly follow-ups to prepare both theory and practice.

More … and better pilots

With WoMAN, not only do women look for more licenses, but they also help them become better drivers once they get it. And in a context where the professional transport sector is developing in terms of sustainability, the efficiency of the truck is as important as that of driving.

For this reason, MAN will also provide female drivers with specific ProfiDrive training which will allow women, once the CAP, to develop the skills necessary to get the most out of a new generation MAN TGX in real operation, by optimizing fuel costs and therefore reduced emissions, not to mention road safety itself.

Diversity: MAN and WoMAN

For MAN, there is not only a lack of representativeness and diversity in professional transport, but also of visibility. For this reason, and in order to place this social issue in public opinion and to make it truly visible, some vehicles have transformed their traditional MAN into WOMAN on the grille – at the front -, one of the points the most striking. visual.

So, little by little, WOMAN, and not only in trucks, but also in buses, began to travel, like the bus of Bayern Munich, one of the great football teams in Germany and Europe.

It is also visible in some units of the MAN TGX truck, one of the most recent models on the market, one of the most efficient and which also received the “International Truck of the Year 2021” award, thus uniting diversity. . , sustainability and innovation.

With these initiatives, MAN Truck & Bus wants to go beyond the simple celebration of International Women’s Day every March 8, to free this profession traditionally linked to men from prejudices, and to make this first step more accessible to fully enter into this profession. world and make a determined career. inside.

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