Man Duct Tape on Seat After Assaulting Flight Attendants

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Man misbehaved with women on flight and assaulted male Washington crew member
A passenger was taped to his seat after an altercation on a Frontier flight to Florida. It is said that after having had several drinks, the passenger lost his mind and began to assault and assault members of the flight crew. In video footage of the incident, the passenger can be seen tying up their seat with duct tape. Maxwell Barry, 22, was arrested Saturday on three counts of physical violence on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami following the incident.

came out of the bathroom shirtless
Maxwell, an Ohio resident who was already quite drunk, asked for more drinks. A Miami-Dade County Police report said he touched the back of a flight attendant, whom he protested. Then Berry spilled the drink on his shirt and went to the bathroom to clean it up. When he emerged shirtless, crew members helped him remove the shirt from his luggage. After a while, Berry assaulted two attendants.

assaulted flight attendant
Police said he punched a male flight attendant in the face. Alfredo Rivera, seated in a seat behind Berry, captured the incident with a moving camera. Speaking to the media, Rivera said: “He had become the aggressor and he attacked the flight attendant.” In Rivera’s recorded video, Berry can be seen tying up the tape. After the plane landed, Berry was charged with three counts of physical violence and then sent to the Earl of Miami-Dade jail, reports.

Agents will not steal until the investigation is complete
Frontier Airlines confirmed the incident, saying the flight attendants involved would not take off until the investigation is completed. On July 31, during a Philadelphia-Miami flight, a passenger assaulted a flight attendant and assaulted another, the airline said in a statement. After the plane landed, the passenger was kept under control until the arrival of the police. The flight attendants involved in the incident will remain free to fly until the end of the investigation.

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