Man infecting people with covid-19: Man arrested in Spain after infecting 22 people with COVID-19: Man arrested for infecting 22 people in Spain with covid-19

In Spain, a man was arrested for spreading an infection to Kovid. The man is said to have infected 22 people with the corona virus. In fact, the arrested defendants continued to go to work despite a cough and fever of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to which 22 people working with him were infected with this deadly virus.

Threatened to infect by lowering the mask
The police did not reveal the name of the accused, but said so much that the case concerns the town of Mejarka. Associates of the defendant alleged that he approached them during labor and lowered his mask, coughing and said he was going to infect all people with corona. After which Kovid tested positive for his five companions and three other people who went to the gym came.

14 family members test positive for Kovid
Not only that, 14 other people, including his family, were also infected after coming into contact with the accused. These included a three year old child. Police released a statement that although the accused showed signs of a corona infection for several days, he refused to work from home. He was constantly going to his office, causing the infection to spread rapidly.

Offir and Jim went without waiting for the test result
Police said after pressure from the family, one evening, he gave his sample for the RTPCR test. But, he went to the office and the gym without waiting for the test results. Given his condition in the office, colleagues advised him to go home, but the accused refused. After that he lowered his mask and said I’m going to infect you all with the corona virus.

Police arrested the accused
When his corona test report came back positive, people who worked with him got scared. 22 people who came into contact with this person after undergoing tests were found to be infected with the corona virus. Police also said the infection had no fatal effect on anyone and now everyone is in good health. According to the report, this case was reported in January of this year.

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