Man is developing an app that teaches how to set up an oxygen cylinder at home – Learn how to install an oxygen cylinder at home

Atul and his team have developed the “Oxygen Cylinder Setup Guide” mobile application based on augmented reality.

Learn how to install oxygen cylinders at home with the app

In the second corona wave, the oxygen level of the wife of Pune resident Atul Marwah was reduced by 85 (spO2 level). It took them over two hours in the struggle to properly connect the oxygen cylinder and all of its equipment at home. With this problem of properly installing the cylinder with a flow meter, he got the idea that this problem should be facing hundreds of people right now. Without medical training, either they are not able to maintain the correct oxygen pressure or the oxygen will be wasted.

Then Atul came up with the idea of ​​creating an app that would tell people how to properly install the cylinders at home. After five days of hard work, Atul and his team have developed an application based on augmented reality ‘Oxygen Cylinder Set Up Guide App’. The goal was for anyone without emergency medical training to be able to connect the flowmeter to deliver oxygen from the cylinder to the patient without any medical training, understand basic instructions, and keep the pressure at a certain level.

Get real-time advice
Using the augmented reality-based Oxygen Cylinder Setup Guide mobile application designed for Android and IOS mobiles, Atul explains the process of installing oxygen cylinders at home for the needy. He says that instead of just a video, he connected this app with AR (Augmented Reality Technique) because it allows the user to see the whole process from their perspective. As if everything is happening in front of you.

A virtual hand in the app displays the entire process using a 3D cylinder model with a capacity of 5 liters. AR is a technology that simultaneously displays information and virtual scenes on the screen of what is currently happening in real time. The technology works where you are right now and is constantly adding information to it to create a new man-made environment.

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